If you have any real interest in the world-of-work (and Human Resources), these are some of the more obscure blogs you should consider reading and subscribing to. Why? Mostly because I said so. But also because these HR bloggers are scary intelligent, thought leaders, and know how to captivate an audience. You’ll learn something from them…I promise.

And if I missed one, I’d love to add it. Just remind me to do so. Blogging4Jobs (Jessica Miller-Merrell) Bus Stories (Richard Sherman) China Gorman (China Gorman)
creativechaosconsultant.blogspot… Creative Chaos Consultant (Victorio Milian) Do the Work (Franny Oxford) Everyday People (Steve Browne) Evil Skippy at Work (Jim’s Alter-ego) Fistful of Talent (Consortium of Contributors) HR Bartender (Sharlyn Lauby) HR Ringleader (Trisha McFarlane) HR Schoolhouse (Robin Schooling) HR Soot (William Gould) InflexionAdvisors (Mark Stelzner) Monster Thinking (Consortium) NoExcusesHR (Jay Kuhns) Rehaul (Lance Haun) RethinkHR (Benjamin McCall) Simply Lisa (Lisa Rosendahl) Steve Boese’s HR Technology Journal (Steve Boese) The Cynical Girl (Laurie Ruettimann) The Human Racehorses (Mike VanDervort The Tim Sackett Project (Tim Sackett) TLNT, The Business of HR (Consortium) UpstartHR (Ben Eubanks) Welcome to the Occupation (Paul Smith) Women of HR (Consortium)