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It’s not often we take a hard look at what our clients think about us and Twitter gives us an abridged peek into the minds of others.  It’s unabashed and more raw than what we could get from any customer satisfaction survey…it’s like being a fly on the wall.  So I still comb the twitterverse from time to time to see what non-HR people are saying about HR.  It so happens Employees are much more critical of and vocal on HR than they are other departments.  After all, we impact their lives daily….and as a result we are a Fishbowl.  I wish all employees could be as candid with our HR department as some of these tweeps are with theirs.  But until we create an environment in which they are comfortable doing so, I’ll keep looking for ways to be that fly in the fishbowl.

@adam_frisby tweets, “Wisdom Rule 1. Never walk into a HR department smiling, it’s a waste of muscle.”

@kasinator tweets, “My HR manager told me I’d be better off quitting & applying as an external candidate than trying to figure out the internal transfer system.”

@joeosterberg: It’s official, Yahoo Answers is better at answering questions related to my employment than my HR department.

@amynowacoski: Dear HR Department, without the people who actually generate income for the company, you don’t have a job. So please play nice. Thanks!

@ Miraclepie: how’s this for a tweet? I’ve actually lost it with every single HR department in this stupid country. crying on the floor. ahh!

@ lanej0: Why is it that 9/10 times, the one female on the executive team is “Director of Human Resources“?

@Jasperblu: @FandPinLV He sounds like a real scumbag. Too bad most HR dept’s rarely do jack about verbal harassment.

@ashish_tiwari: Received the most arrogant treatment of life from HR department. phew.

@ prabhakar1729: HR people try to inspire every one else to be more productive by showing how useless they are… Oh..God..HR sucks..!!!!

@cubicile_blues: We can’t have a world with minimal rules and no fuss bcoz that would lead to mass layoffs in d HR dept.

@mruku HR is full of people who studied psychology but didn’t do well enough to become real psychologists.

@euan organisational design? Once you are big enough to need an HR department you are fucked.

@mistressmousey: Our HR Director is cracking me up. Shouting “woo!”, clapping, laughing & talking about dancing. Sign of a good day?

@AlexM11: I wonder if any HR department anywhere is staffed by anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together?

@millionairesoul: people I have found most inefficient in industry are HR folks. In most ( read all) companies HR dept is least efficient.

@pbhavsar: how come the HR department across from me is always laughing..and our department is always quiet and stressed out!

@Shaunyboy2: This HR class makes me want to have to never deal with an HR department. And definitly never work in one.

@MMonides There may be no group of employees sas lazy, useless, uniformed and backstabbing as can be found in any HR department

@SpookyTurtle: I hate visiting our HR department. Every time I do, it’s “harassment” this or “lawsuit” that or “shots fired” the other.

@simoneisrandom: confirmation.. joining.. probation.. appraisal…joining..leaving.. arrrghhh… HR and their stupid procedures..

@calvingarner: Does anyone like their HR dept?

@randomjeweler: nothing can stop us now! except for the HR department.

@suzewebb: Never seen anyone from HR in our department … step away from your desk!

@mscienski: HR is the most worthless department ever. Dealing with them makes me stabby.

@Mom101 Our HR dept is harassing me about taking a harassment training course. Who do I report that to?

@ivanfoley HR dept. looked dark and not busy. But I was offered two extra weeks of vacation pay just for stopping by.

@ktgeek I hate people who cheerfully delight in the misery of others. I worked with an HR person who was happiest on layoff days.

@TyrantsAtWork Nobody says they want to be an HR Manager when they grow up.

@crsofr Really, I have to contact my incompetent HR department for a claim form to submit my flu shot? Why not just post it on the intranet? #fail

@kojach Why is it that whenever someone gets on my nerves, they are typically in the HR department? Ugh…

@shen_nanigans wow, my HR department could use a class in customer service. damn.

@steishere How big can a company be without having…an HR department? Because that is exactly how big my future company will be.

@Nish666 Why is HR the most useless, least in-touch dept of any company next to board members/directors?

@kendramangione Overheard at Ryerson: “I’m an HR person. I’m going to be that person in the office that you hate.”

@kinggirlmedia working for a company with no HR dept can be dangerous for me

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