Top HR Blogger List | HR Fishbowl

Written on March 23, 2012 by Charlie in Rewards, Theory I received a number of emails and DMs after the rollout of Fistful of Talent’s HR Blog Power Rankings v.8 with sympathetic cries of “injustice” that I didn’t make this year’s list. I see this as a great opportunity to set the record straight on … Read more

Guest Post: Keep your Head | HR Fishbowl

Michael Mullady, PHR  has over 10 years of HR experience and currently provides HR Business Partner Support for the American Cancer Society’s National Office in Atlanta, GA. Mike has – like many of us – intersected with a Hot Head or two along the way. And he reminds us that we have to be on the … Read more

Guest Post: Don't Get Too Close | HR Fishbowl

Janine N. Truitt is an HR enthusiast based in Long Island, NY. Her experience spans the Healthcare to Scientific industries and has led her to her current role as a Senior Human Resources Representative for Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Her message today is consistent with many I’ve sent before: we walk a fine line in this … Read more

Guest Post: From Post and Pray to Good Old Days | HR Fishbowl

Ed Nathanson is the Director Talent Acquisition at Rapid7 ( where he brings over 17 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources in Global Technology and Retail organizations. Ed’s a self-proclaimed “recruiting and sourcing nerd” who is passionate about new HR/Recruiting technologies and processes. He suggests that in spite of the rapidly evolving … Read more

Either You Smoke or You Don't | HR Fishbowl

Written on March 9, 2012 by Charlie in HR Profession, Leadership Cozy Carlisle from “Dead Again” – artfully played as only Robin Williams could – shared a piece of wisdom that I’ve held on to since he threw it at me from the big screen 20 years ago. And it’s this: “Someone is either a … Read more

Can I get an 'Amen', Greg Smith? | HR Fishbowl

Former Goldman Sachs Executive, Greg Smith, is exactly the kind of wake up call corporate America needs right now. Whether you think he’s got shit for brains or monster balls for broadcasting his resignation from Goldman Sachs to the world via his scathing New York Times Op Ed piece is irrelevant. Does it really matter whether he’s … Read more

Guest Post: The Stink on Workplace Bathrooms | HR Fishbowl

I’ve gotten to know Alicia Jones through good old fashioned Trench HR networking. She is an enthusiastic HR professional with over 10 years of HR generalist experience working for small to mid-sized companies. Currently, Alicia is working for a small biotech firm and pursuing her bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. She’s active in our Trench HR … Read more

Make Change Personal | HR Fishbowl

Change is hard. Even the most agile of organizations have to slave over it. Above all else, the acceptance, adoption, and embodiment of change collectively involves thoughtful communication…and a boat load of it. The difference between those organizations that do this really well and those that simply give it a bunch of lip comes down … Read more