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A New Leadership Philosophy: Burn the “Two Letters”

So there isn’t a “Two Letters” leadership philosophy per se, but the idea stems from this anecdote I was reminded of recently. You may have seen or heard it in a different form based on your source, but it goes something like this… A newly hired CEO comes into his office and on his desk finds…


Your Carrot Needs More Stick!

I’m one of those unlucky souls who has had to suffer on a hot tarmac at the mercy of the airline industry as whatever poor excuse keeps a plane grounded…without food or anything to drink. I sat on a small regional jet in Newark once for more than 2 hours – people actually started to…


Vacation Archives: “Hey, CEO, Stop Being Such a Baby!”


I’m taking a break this week.  In observance of this well deserved rest, however, I won’t be writing anything new for the next few days.  You’ll live…believe me.  I will, however, treat you to a post from the archives now and then.  So check back and enjoy them! The first one was written and posted…


Dear Mr. CEO, stop being such a baby

I was talking with a CFO buddy of mine last night – he’s with a large telecommunications organization – 5,000+ employees.  Anyway, he was complaining about their HR Leader and his inability to integrate successfully with the rest of the leadership team.  He expanded by suggesting the HR Leader was always one step behind everyone else: has trouble…