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Bench the Player/Coach

Has anyone else out there given up on the idea that Managers have to be good developers of people?  I’m close…real close.  I’m not saying they can’t be or they shouldn’t be.  I am just saying that if they aren’t, they should get the hell out-of-the-way.  I know there are some companies out there that…


HR, Piety, and Sterilization

PR junkie had an interesting piece the other day on where have all the good times gone in Corporate America.  One of the commenters suggests that HR is responsible for the sterilization of our workplace…that the days of liquid lunches (and sexist behaviors) are all but gone thanks to us.  I particularly like the notion that…


Where did the Human in HR go?

Recently I came across a tweet that posed that question exactly (@jrkierce: Why is it that all HR department announcements seem written by robots without feelings? Where’d the HUMAN in HR go?)  So part of this question relates to communication, how it’s crafted and presented.  But maybe the root of this question is really the “Robot”…