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What’s Missing from your HR Team? A Secretary.


When it comes to funding, the HR function typically gets the short straw. We live in the perpetual state of doing more with less. And we’ve learned not to whine too much about it. The day will come, my friends, when these tables are turned…I think…maybe…ok, probably not. Does your HR department have an administrative…


An HR Lesson, Care of BP (and Radiohead): No Surprises!

no surprises

There are lots of reasons I think BP is headed for the deep dark depths of the ocean floor; to fix the oil leak is just one of them. The most telling, though, is the way Tony Hayward responded to the congressional committee last week. Put aside the arguments as to whether or not he…


Anything You Can Do They Can Do Better

The New York Times had an interesting article last week related to the profusion of talent in the market right now – “Tables Turned, Former Hires Can’t Get Hired“  We all understand that there are lots of people on the street right now looking for jobs; what’s different, though, is that a lot of those…