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Performance Records Go To Hanger-51

President Obama wants to computerize and standardize all medical records within the next 5 years.  An ambition some call audacious and others call imperative.  Proponents suggest that Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technologies would, among other things,  ultimately facilitate a higher standard of care to patients.  Essentially, an integrated system would allow a patient to accumulate a comprehensive…


I Dunno, Look it up Online

I’ve come across several discussions re: HR’s unwillingness to provide timely responses to routine requests.  We may be better at using technology to put information at our employee’s finger tips, but that doesn’t give us an excuse for not treating them like…well, people.  Do we want to condition our employees to use on-line/self-service/HRIS resources more directly?  Of course.   But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t…


Shouldn't 'Paperwork' be an Obsolete Reference?

I did a quick search on Twitter today re: “HR Paperwork” and a bunch of stuff came up.  Did the same re: “Accounting Paperwork” and “Marketing Paperwork” and “IT Paperwork” and not a whole lot surfaced.  Granted, most of the HR paperwork tweets related to new jobs, onboarding, etc, but it related to paperwork none…