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Am I the only one feeling this way…again?

head scratch

I said  to myself I wasn’t going to write a post about HRevolution 2010 and I’ve been resisting as much for the last three days.  I figured by now it would have all been said.  But it hasn’t so I can bite my tongue no longer.  Let me start by getting three things about the…


HR Humanization Series, Introduction

So any one who has wasted their time following my blog over the last 6 months knows that I’m big on little.  My premise is that HR’s relentless pursuit to elevate its stature in the business community through lofty strategic thinking has resulted in our losing focus on those things that have a more meaningful impact…


Hey, Long-Term Jobseekers…Humble Up!

So how’s that job hunting advice you’re getting from every corner of the world working out for you? There are so many “experts” out there telling you how to find a job it must make you sick.  And I bet most of the advice you’ve been given you already knew…’cause you’re smart, because you’ve looked for…


Pick Me…Ohh Ohh Pick Me!

I was not one of those kids who was picked first on the playground nor was I the one who was picked last.  Average performer…story of my life.  I can distinctly recall, though, feeling a pit in my stomach watching those last two kids waiting to be picked – each hoping they wouldn’t be the last.  And…


Time to Share the Love (Better)

I’ve really enjoyed the last four months of blogging.  I love to write and it’s been a real catharsis for me during what has been a challenging time.  As most of you know, I actually have a full-time job as an executive with a mid-sized public company.  We’re in the midst of Chapter 11, but have worked…