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Life is a Foursquare

In my constant pursuit of simplicity, I have come to believe that pretty much anything we do in this life – from how we work to how we play – can be defined, explained, and managed through foursquare models. This is the one I keep front and center on a wall in my office. If we…


Vacation Archives: “Hey, CEO, Stop Being Such a Baby!”


I’m taking a break this week.  In observance of this well deserved rest, however, I won’t be writing anything new for the next few days.  You’ll live…believe me.  I will, however, treat you to a post from the archives now and then.  So check back and enjoy them! The first one was written and posted…


Hey, HR, are you Tired of Slumming it?


How many of you HR pros out there have been geographically relegated to a dark corner somewhere in the office?  For years and years the traditional notion was that given the sensitivity of matters managed on a daily basis, HR needed to be private.  Well ‘private’ has unfortunately become ‘segregated.’  We’ve heard that “we need…


Stop Trying to be Smarter than a 5th Grader!

smarter than a 5th grader

HR is notorious for making the lives of others more difficult.  Policies, rules, forms, processes, paperwork…stuff that gets in the way of the business.  The business needs some of it, but it doesn’t need it to be a nuisance.  And most of it, unfortunately, is a nuisance. So as an HR professional, you’re starting off with…


Am I the only one feeling this way…again?

head scratch

I said  to myself I wasn’t going to write a post about HRevolution 2010 and I’ve been resisting as much for the last three days.  I figured by now it would have all been said.  But it hasn’t so I can bite my tongue no longer.  Let me start by getting three things about the…