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A New Leadership Philosophy: Burn the “Two Letters”

So there isn’t a “Two Letters” leadership philosophy per se, but the idea stems from this anecdote I was reminded of recently. You may have seen or heard it in a different form based on your source, but it goes something like this… A newly hired CEO comes into his office and on his desk finds…


5,000 Employees, $9B in Holdings: It Really Isn’t that Hard!

It’s hard to get through the New York Times Sunday edition. When I pick it up, build the fire, and get my coffee, I approach the prospect of doing so, however, with relish…and the best of intentions. Inevitably the kids need something or the dog gets into trouble or the honey-do list lands in my…


Wanna Lead? Be Vivid!


If you missed the SHRM 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition closing session with Marcus Buckingham, you pretty much missed the SHRM 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition. There was a lot of good content this week, but Marcus really capped it all off. His presentation dripped of relevant, thought provoking, and inspirational insights for the very…


Applied Mathematics and HR? Yeah Right.

applied mathematics

Korn Ferry celebrated its 40th anniversary in the executive search space last year and since acquiring Lominger in 2006, they’ve been in the research based leadership development business too.  Ken De Meuse, Ph.D, associate vice president of Intellectual Property Research, and J. Evelyn Orr, M.A., intellectual property development consultant, spoke to a packed house of…