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Practically Radical…And Fully Free

I believe the best leadership lessons in life come from surrounding yourself with those who lead. And those who lead as if it were ingrained in their every fiber. For some it’s in their DNA – they were just born that way. Others it’s learned – yes, unequivocally, leadership can be learned. I’m a visual…


The Red Pensil

I don’t deal with defeat very well. Particularly when it’s in the workplace and it involves pretty much making a fool of myself in front of my clients (employees). And it gets even worse when those particular clients have already demonstrated an aversion to HR and don’t have much faith in our abilities. You get…


The Respect Radar

My wife will be the first to tell you that you’ll either love Charlie Judy or you’ll hate him. This has pretty much been my story throughout – when it comes to school, the opposite sex, or the workplace. I’m not a pleaser, I don’t kowtow, and I’m not big on insulating you from what’s…


Approach Becomes Reproach

chew toy

I’ve spent a lot of time recently talking with prospective employers, prospective clients, and just about any one who will listen.  Those conversations have opened my eyes to something I should have gotten a clue to long ago: People don’t hate me because I am better than they are; they hate me because I act like…


Seriously, is it really that much to ask?


Most of you know that I’m out in the job market.  2.5 good years with my most recent employer ended only after a long drawn out bankruptcy and capital restructuring effort.  As with all experiences, I am thankful for my time there – learned a lot along the way.  As I contemplate my next move…