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Nonsensical HR

I caught a tweet the other day from an unnamed tweep who was suggesting that even though she had a big HR exam the next day, she wasn’t stressed because HR was “common sense.”  I fumed on this a bit.  Then I realized I myself have made a career out of HR and never once took…


Hey, Brother, You're Big

It seems like a lot of organizations are looking to HR to solve this ever so scary issue of social media in the workplace: what if our employees are saying naughty things…what if they’re gossiping…what if they are bad mouthing the company…and what if, my ohh my, they are doing it all on company time?  Who the flip cares? …


Where did the Human in HR go?

Recently I came across a tweet that posed that question exactly (@jrkierce: Why is it that all HR department announcements seem written by robots without feelings? Where’d the HUMAN in HR go?)  So part of this question relates to communication, how it’s crafted and presented.  But maybe the root of this question is really the “Robot”…