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Your Daily Dose of Reality

So I put a quick poll on LinkedIn the other day – “Are HR Execs CEO Material?”  We had 65 responses in the last week…not great, but ok for somewhat of a statistical sample.  It also generated some good dialogue in some of the Groups – HR Executive Network was one of them.  I know this topic…


Where's my Agent?

So I have this idea about how we set base compensation every year – I’ve floated it in front of Execs and HR pros alike.  More often than not, my idea is met with some question about how much crack I smoked before I came into the office that day.  I usually take this as…


Are HR Executives CEO Material?

I certainly have my own opinions about this, but wanted to gauge that of others too.  History may tell us one thing; I’m interested, though,  in understanding what the perspective is around future potential…whether HR has the right stuff.  Take a real quick poll at: http://polls.linkedin.com/p/61651/mbdzm